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I am Weapon 2012 Full is a game that tells the world about the nightmare that was scary and amazing.

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  • Unreal mixture of Action and Tower Defense.
  • Super dynamic single-player Campaign of your dream! + Survival mode.
  • Wide variety of unusual enemies. all types of infuriated clowns you could ever imagine! Their laugh makes you go crazy!
  • Upgrade yourself and break through the crowd of these laughing bastards!
  • Visit the store and choose a hat that exactly contributes to the way you feel right here right now. The assortment is more than impressive
  • Totally unbelievable settings will blow your mind and make you stay longer at least to investigate what's next!
  • Different kinds of real weapons to kill all unreal creatures around. Wide variety of ammunition, including the newest invisible sack to carry all you need around.
  • Various types of towers, providing solid defense, let you distract and destroy the enemy, getting bonuses same time. I bet each tower is a technical masterpiece worth to get explored!
  • The latest innovations in health improvement sphere such as complex regeneration implants, etc. will raise you from the dead and make you way much stronger.
  • Your skills are close to supernatural: control the soul pulling with directional gravitational impulses, use cybernetic guidance and stabilization system built-in your body to find the vulnerable spot fast and easy. Check them all!
  • Check out the storyline in comics built-in the game!
  • Music keeps you inside same time doesn't distract from your main mission

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New Star Soccer 2010 Full

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